Home Comfort

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(early/mid march. number 28)


          The conclusion to a run of warming winter dinners. For this one we planned it pretty last minute and executed it as a duo for the first time in a while. This meant that the kitchen got a great deal wilder than usual, but the meal was pulled off smoothly. There was a glitch with the camera, then the other camera's batteries died– but before then, we got these few pictures. 

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To Drink:

Home brewed Blackberry Stout

This was brewed way back in August (using the blackberries from the back yard) and finally got a chance to shine. It was featured in dinner #25 as an ice cream and fudge sauce. This beer has a journey from being not-so-good when we first opened a bottle to completely delicious on this night. That's what a great deal of bottle fermentation can do with the right beer, we learned. 


Assorted Red Wines

Leftovers from the assortment chosen for cioppino night, and others brought by guests. 


French Press Coffee

Gifted by my friend Katy at Stumptown (you should look up her band– Houndstooth), I think this was a Guatemalan, served with dessert.



French Onion Soup

A sweeter, smooth take on this classic. Served in tiny ramekins with a floated baguette and bubbling comté cheese. 



Endive/Watercress Salad with a grilled Scallop

Half a head of Belgian endive, slice in half and grilled, then chilled. Served with watercress in a zingy, fresh dressing made of lemon, arugula, and horseradish. A juicy, simple scallop with argyle grill marks. 



Steakhouse Special

"Meat"loaflettes, made in a texas sized muffin tin. I've been working on this recipe for years. It includes an entire slow roasted large eggplant, two marinated/sauteed portobello mushrooms, a batch of green lentils, oats, and secret spices to supplement the smartground fake ground beef. Topped with a maple ketchup glaze. 

Served on top of a square of golden buttermilk ranch mashed potatoes, drizzled with veggie gravy (shallot/miso based). Garnished with shredded asparagus. 

Accompanied by a small square plate featuring half a broccoli head, blanched, marinated, then grilled. Covered in Wisconsin style cheese sauce, featuring sharp Wisconsin cheddar and Danish style Havarti (also from Wisconsin). 

This course was served with a steak knife. 



Cookies with dipping sauce

Snickerdoodles made in the style of my grandmother, served with our house-made authentic-style goat caramel sauce. 

Chocolate chip cookies using a recipe from my housemate Kellen's mom, who's in-the-mail chocolate chip cookies I have feasted on many times, served with house-made hot chili-spiced fudge sauce.