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(late november. number 11.)


We held a gathering of friends to share Thanksgiving food, five days before the actual holiday. We were able to practice some of the dishes, take some pressure off from the usual Secret Restaurant routine, and celebrate the season/each other's company.

We had no dining table at the time (the housemate switch mentioned in the Pizza entry), so the food was served buffet style on all the tables from around the house.

What Was There:

Stuffings (one prepared by Andrew, with portabello and crimini mushrooms, celery, shallots, and a blend of rye and wheat breads– another prepared by frequent guest Hannah B, with cranberries and pistachios and country white bread)

Roasted Harvest Vegetables (prepared by our often-mentioned mainstay guest Aria– sweet potatoes, red potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rosemary, and garlic!)

Field Roast Celebration Roast (all credit due to the manufacturer– but this is our favorite fake meat product, served straight up and really at home with these other foods)

Turkey (organic, free range, small-ish bird. We made an exception to our pescetarian ideals for this holiday meal. Cooked atop a pile of delicious flavor-giving vegetables, stuffed, and roasted the whole day. In the end, it tasted like good meat and was certainly appreciated by many.)

3 Kinds Of Gravy (Kellen made a show-stealing cashew gravy, Andrew made a deeply earthy mushroom gravy, and Lucas made a classic Turkey gravy)

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes (made by guest Hannah P, with kale and garlic whipped in)

Green Beans (fresh green beans, tossed with toasted shaved almonds and sage brown butter)

Baked Jack-O-Lantern (filled with wheat berries, cream, sharp cheeses, and herbs)

Cranberry Walnut Bread (made by guest Gracie, who had made it that morning at work–Marché Provisions bakery in Eugene, OR)

Cranberry Sauce (made by another dear, frequent guest, Russell {drink meastro of the Pastoral Brunch}, it involved oranges and cinnamon sticks and all sorts of tasty perfection)

Vermont-Style Apple Pie (also made by Russell, with great skill practiced from years of living in Vermont. A variety of apples from Old World Apples, in the last week they were at market– Cox's Orange Pippen and Brown Russet were featured heavily. The crust had a touch of Grafton Vermont Smoked Vintage White Cheddar in it, which we also served alongside).

Pumpkin Bars (made by guest Rachel, these were exceptionally fluffy and topped with walnuts and tender white frosting).



MacTarnahan's Humbug Winter Ale (from Portland)

According to my research, a "calimocho" is what you call CocaCola and Red Wine. Some guests drank Cherry coke and red wine.

There were also assorted red and white wines, as well as gin and tonics.