Leaf Pile

1, October 2011.JPG

(early october. number 23.)


In 2010, we did not get to do autumn the way we wanted to. Housemates moved out, taking the dining table and many kitchen tools with them- weekends were packed, and our cooking was limited to small, cozy, private dinners. So we took a bit of a break, then made pizzas because that wouldn't require a table, then we built our own table and started up again. This year, we set about to do three autumnal meals in relatively quick succession. This was the second, happening on the first weekend in October. 

To Drink

Buffalo Trace bourbon, and our own freshly made rustic apple juice. Crafted with Alkamene (such an exceptional apple!), Mystery Apple, Pink Pearl, and Ashmeade's Kernal. Served with slices of Pink Pearl apple and Valencia Orange. 

All our apples were from the Old World Apples stand at market. 



Olive Country Bread

With filberts, lemon zest, dried thyme and marjoram. Another gem from the Tartine Bread book. Served on a maple leaf, with a nice wedge of  'Up In Smoke,' a chévre smoked in maple leaves from Little Goat Dairy By The River

Mushroom Consumé

We've been wanting to try a vegetarian consumé for a long time. Stumped on how to pull off the mouth feel and gelatin capabilities without any animal fat in the picture, Lucas eventually put his chemistry lab coat back on and figured out that Agar, a kind of seaweed, pulverized and dissolved, could achieve a very similar result to traditional consume. The soup was nothing more than wild Oregon chanterelle mushrooms and small quantity of my home-grown onions and some exceptional shallots from Gathering Together Farm. The mushroom headiness was memorable. Served in little vases (formerly sake bottles!) with chard stems, stripped and sewn up into flowers. 



Leaf Pile With Surprises

Kale chips, dressed with olive oil/white wine vinegar/mustard seed/salt/pepper/granulated garlic, and made from Red Russian, Green, and Lacinato kales were plated to resemble a pile of leaves. 

Guests ate chips down to reveal savory handpies (or super vegetarian Cornish pasties) made with a whole wheat blend english pastry recipe, filled with chanterelle mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and wheat berries. 

On the plate were green figs and slices of these three cheeses:

Piave Veccio Friulane- Italian, crisp and insanely sharp 

Gouda Parrano Best Uniekaas- Dutch, creamy and soft, but with sharp crystals of salt/rennet

Mimolette- French, orange, buttery, light, and tangy



Apple/Pear Cake with Cream and Caramel

A moist, dense cake that is about half parts fruit/batter. We used the Pink Pearl pink-centered apples and Hood River red bartlett pears. 

A pouring of Gary's Meadow full cream, and hot caramel sauce made by a baker at Cupcake Jones by the hookup of our frequent guest, Courtney.