Last of the nightshades

1, September 2013.jpg

(late september. number 34.)


Days away from October, fall was upon us. Yet Oregon experienced an uncharacteristically long and warm stretch into autumn. It was not originally in the cards to serve this rustic Italian last-of-the-nightshades feast outside, but by late afternoon on the day of, we decided it was worth the risk of chilled plates and cold guests. So we set up the table on the porch yet again, got out all the wooly blankets, set out every last bottle of red wine, lit candles and balsam fir incense, and hoped for the best. 

Reminder // All Secret Garden ingredients grown by us have been noted with: (S.G.)



Fennel Panna Cotta 

Roasted fennel pureed with shitake mushroom dashi, garnished with styrian pumpkin seed oil, kippered king salmon, fresh dill. 



Borlotti Bean Salad

French sorrel (S.G.) and arugula leaves, garlic (S.G.) oil, simmered borlotti beans (S.G.), aged gouda. 



Pasta Autunnale

House-made saffron spaghetti.

Fresh tomato sauce. Tomatoes (S.G.) crushed, raw, strained, & reserved- then tossed with garlic (S.G.) and basil (S.G.). The juice of all tomatoes boiled down and then deglazed with balsamic vinegar. Mixture combined, then slowly reheated to preserve the fresh snap uncommon in stewed tomato sauce. 

Pan fried eggplant (S.G.). 

Chicken Of The Woods Mushrooms, sauteed in butter. 



Chocolate Chocolate Semifreddo with stewed plums

Chocolate shortbread crust, dark chocolate ice cream set inside like a cake, topped with stewed wild italian plums. 



So much red wine.