SATURDAY, September 7th, 2019- 1:30-4:30 p.m.

This is the ticket page for a LATE LUNCH, CASUAL, and DIFFERENT Secret Restaurant Portland event.

We will be serving SANDWICHES and SALADS at The Whiskey Farm (the home/garden/tiny farm Andrew, Sofie, Bryan, Vivian, and Whiskey the cat call home).

A callback, of sorts, to an event we did exactly 5 years ago– where we set up a “Garden Stand” with grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee, baked goods, and produce outside of Andrew’s old apartment. Photos from then are shown above and below. It’ll also be a bit like Secret Salad Bar, another sentimental favorite from the past.

Tickets are only $15, and there are about 10 more of them than usual, in an effort to give more people the opportunity to join us! The ticket includes a bomb-ass sandwich of your choice, salads (we’ll make three, you choose which ones you want), the inevitable side accompaniments and snacks, and a little dessert. Most of the produce used in the salads and sandwiches will come right from the Whiskey Farm, where you’ll be hanging out. Think of it as an excuse to spend a leisurely afternoon in a quiet part of town listening to groovy tapes and eating great food and sipping bevs with fresh and familiar friends.

Drinks will work a little differently than usual. In an effort to keep the production cost low, due to the last minute nature of the event, we won’t be directly curating or serving alcoholic drinks. Instead, we invite guests to bring their own beer and wine, to hoard or to share! If bringing wine, we of course endorse picking up a bottle ahead of time from our usual purveyor Ardor Natural Wines. There is a convenience store one block away. We will probably end up making some fun non-boozy, mixable teas or shrubs or something too, because we can’t help but guild the lily. There will also be unique and verrrrry good cocktails 4 sale 4 cheap by Secret Restaurant Portland’s latest collaborator, Joe Piccolotti, of deep southeast Portland’s best kept secret speakeasy, The Wobbly Stool. Those who attended this winter’s or spring’s dinners know that Joe’s cocktails aren’t to be missed! So bring some extra cash for those!

Please find a way to tell us your sandwich preference, so we have an idea of how many of each to prep. Apparently the “special instructions to seller” box only exists for fancier Paypal button makers than I, so you’ll have to do in a text or email!

In order to keep the entire thing fresh, we aren’t going to reveal these exact sandwiches, like a restaurant menu, until the event, so you’ll have to trust that we know how to make a good sandwich. Things will be grilled, there will be delicious sauces and fresh vegetables + each sandwich will be on a different house baked bread. Couples and other groups coming together are encouraged to coordinate to choose a variety and plan to share! The salads will be abundant and loaded with the season’s finest. And knowing how much salad I always accidentally make, there will probably be enough for seconds ; ) Oh, and please also repeat your preferred e-mail address in these instructions. I’ll send an email with final details and the address the night before or morning of the event.

The choices of sandwich, at their simplest description, are:




Please also let us know of any allergens. We won’t make any gluten free bread, but if this event sounds like your jam and you can’t stomach that shit, let us know and we can do some experimental sandwich-as-salad business.

Also of note: we’ll be getting out all the chairs and benches around the place, but you are also encouraged to bring a picnic blanket. The grass is a bit dry and hard after the summer, so for maximum chilling, come outfitted with your favorite things for that.

As usual, please don’t buy more than a block of 4 tickets (this just comes from one time where someone bought 10 and only half the people showed up), and if more friends are coming coordinating shouldn’t be too tricky.

Any other questions? Feel free to write !

SOLD OUT! Thanks for the support!