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SATURDAY, MAY 18th, 2019- 6 p.m.

For this spring dinner will be pulling a wild card and not waiting until summer to make Italian food. Instead of the usual tomato, basil, eggplant, and pepper celebration of late summer, we will be exploring regional Italian dishes centered around ridiculously good seafood and green vegetables. As it is our favorite thing to serve each spring, we’ll be making dark green nettle pasta– this time as tortelli, stuffed with salt cod and nettle pesto. There will be asparagus, there will be peas, there will be tiny new potatoes. Fresh herbs, green garlic, young lettuces. Strawberries.

We are also very excited about the unusual Italian wines we are sourcing from Ardor Natural Wines!

This dinner will take place at a friend’s beautiful home (with an airy dining room and table side record player) in Southeast Portland, between Belmont and Stark in the 40s, to give you a ballpark idea of where you may need to travel to. The address, additional menu details, and final start time will be emailed to guests on the day of!

Tickets are $50, which includes an abundant meal with drink pairings.

The transparent breakdown: $48.20 for the meal & drinks + 1.80¢ in PayPal processing fees. This dinner will feature seafood in nearly every course, hence the higher-than-usual-for-us-ticket-price. We have wanted to do one like this for a while! We can positively ensure this is still a good deal. To put it into perspective, Portland’s high profile new seafood tasting menu restaurant Erizo is $125 per person plus a $75 wine pairing. Our plating will not be as fiddly, and we’ll have something like 6 courses rather than 8 (though maybe we’ll throw in a couple tasters just to be matchy matchy), but the overall portions and intentionality will be rather similar, and the entire thing costs you less than the wine pairing!

Of note: After 9 years of doing these dinners and going in the hole a little each time, someone suggested the idea that we have an option to tip on the night of. We will continue this practice, as whatever ends up in the jar helps to offset the inevitable going-over-budget that we usually do and the cost of hosting this website, which we continuously forget to raise money for. We share this here to remind everyone that we aren’t in this for the money!

Please buy no more than 4 tickets per party (there are only 10 total!).  

SOLD OUT. Thank you for the support!

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