SATURDAY, FEBRUARY16th, 2019- 7 p.m.


For this winter dinner we will be celebrating the English Chanel, from the White Cliffs of Dover to Calais, France. Appearing in these dishes will be oysters, anchovies, mussels, crusty bread, butter, rabbit, dried cherries, chicories, roots, pulses, brandy soaked fruit, and more! Appearing in your glass will be house cocktails, unusual wines from Ardor Natural Wines, and traditional English-style bottled beers from Machine House Brewery.

The venue is one we are particularly excited about. Technically the home of our cofounder Lucas Winiarski, this venue adds a whole new thrilling chapter to the Secret Restaurant Portland story, and this will be opening night. The venue not only contains a large open kitchen fireside dining room, but also The Wobbly Stool– Felony Flats’ premier speakeasy basement bar and lounge (also fireside). You will be e-mailed the location of the dinner a day before. For your planning purposes and the hilariously on-the-nose “secret”ness of it all, the house is in semi-deep Southeast Portland, accessible off of 82nd avenue, is truly hidden from the street (down a weird gravel path), and impossible to find without the use of GPS.

$36.75 includes meal and drinks. $35 for the meal & drinks + 1.75¢ in PayPal processing fees.

Of note: We went in the hole on a dinner last year, and afterwards someone suggested the idea that we have an option to tip on the night of. We did this for one, and it was so nice– and then we forgot for the other. We share this here to remind everyone that we aren’t in this for the money! All 70 dinners have been labors of love! At this dinner, there will be a bar tended by two volunteers, so please bring some small bills for some tips! We’ll also have a jar for donations going towards acquiring more functional storage of our kit, expansion of that kit to allow more variety of events we put on, the expensive hosting of this website which brings in no revenue, and other directly-related-to-the-project costs. 

Please buy no more than 4 tickets per party (there are only 10 total!). Thank you for the support!