A late summer dinner! We have joked that every August/September we become "Secret Italian Restaurant Portland" because, well, tomatoes and eggplants and peppers!

This is our first "home turf" dinner since Andrew moved from our original location in 2017. This dinner will take place at the home he shares in deep-ish Southeast, Portland OR, dubbed "The Whiskey Farm" in homage to the cat named Whiskey who watches over everything. Think more South than East. Close to Sellwood and Woodstock neighborhoods. A relatively quick trip from anywhere in town: fear not! Guests will be emailed the address the weekend of the event, so please make sure to leave your preferred email address.  

Arrive 6:30 p.m. to maximize on the daylight and warmth. The original intention was to do this dinner outside, but due to the rain predicted the day before, and the high only 73º, we're not sure whether you'll be outside, inside, or outside at the beginning and inside once the sun goes down. Either way, the surroundings are lovely and we think you'll have a nice time. We will be serving a simple split case of exciting wines sourced from Ardor Natural Wines, a new shop in town specializing in delicious low intervention wines from around the world. 

There are only 14 tickets. 

$25.75 includes meal & wine. $25 for the meal & drinks + 75¢ in Paypal processing fees. Please note how our dinners have varied in price this year, our most expensive one clocking in around half the cost of many pop ups in town. The prices of our dinners will ebb and flow: we're not in it for the money! As this dinner will feature home grown garden produce and be more casual in nature, the price is lower! 

We did actually go in the hole last time, and afterwards someone suggested the idea that we have an option to tip on the night of. Any proceeds from this hat or jar or whatever it is will go towards acquiring more functional storage of our kit, the expensive hosting of this website, and other directly-related-to-the-project costs. 

Please buy no more than four tickets per party. Thank you for the support!