SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 2018- 7:30 p.m.

For this autumn dinner we will be serving dishes inspired by the cuisine of Hungary and its neighbors in Central and Eastern Europe.

I grew up eating at the one Hungarian restaurant in the Northwest (Novak’s, in Albany) every time my family drove from Eugene to Portland, since I was maybe 4 years old. I have been to Hungary two times– once in the depths of winter, and once in the full sun of summer, so I hope to find the middle group with this fall menu.

Expect pearly egg noodles, wild mushrooms, river fish, crunchy salads with zingy dressings, ample use of assorted dried paprikas I brought back from the trip (sweet, hot, smoked, single pepper, multi-pepper, pretty much everything under the sun), unique house sourdough, and a dessert featuring a European flat, patterned cookie mould no one else would have bought and held on to for all these years.

We will be serving Hungarian wines sourced from Ardor Natural Wines, a new shop in town specializing in delicious low intervention wines from around the world. These are particularly special, thrilling, organic wines grown in volcanic soils.

This dinner will take place in a very fun location– a small, second story apartment in a creaky Victorian house in the inner Southeast neighborhood with some fun, sloped ceilings and 60s/70s pattern tile floors. We’ll be cooking from the small kitchen, and an unusual shaped bedroom (with the bed removed) will serve as the dining room. This we hope will create maximum coziness and feeling and gathering around the candle at the edge of the cliff, as is so important during these dark times.

There are only 9 tickets. 

$46.60 includes meal & wine. $45 for the meal & drinks + 1.60¢ in Paypal processing fees. Please note how our dinners have varied in price this year. This one, and the January dinner, were our most expensive ones– still clocking in around half the cost of many pop ups in town. Just the other day I heard a pop up mentioned with astonishment on a well known podcast, where the emphasis was “And plates were only 65 dollars” as if this was the cheapest pop-up anyone had ever heard of. The prices of our dinners will ebb and flow: we're not in it for the money! As this dinner comes after our home-grown produce season, is located in a smaller space, will showcase high quality seafood, can have fewer guests, and features significantly more unusual (and special!) wines, the price is a little higher! 

We did actually go in the hole on a dinner this spring, and afterwards someone suggested the idea that we have an option to tip on the night of. Any proceeds from this hat or jar or whatever it is will go towards acquiring more functional storage of our kit, expansion of that kit to allow more variety of events we put on, the expensive hosting of this website which brings in no revenue, and other directly-related-to-the-project costs. 

Please buy no more than 2 tickets per party. Thank you for the support! 



Hungarian dining hall 2.jpg